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The Impact of Stress on Health Essay - 1517 Words

(AC 1) Stress is defined as the state when people are experiencing difficulties in coping with the situations they are in due to the lacking of abilities or knowledge to handle them (Anxiety UK, ND). These situations are often referred as stressors. The way how individuals are reacting to these stressors is referred as stress response. Stress does not directly causes infections or ill-health to a person. Instead, the products produced in the process of stress interfere with the usual operations of the immune system. Numerous studies have proved that stress has an immunosuppressive effect, which means the functions of the immune system is reduced when an individual is experience stress (Gross et al., 2008). Corticosteroids are initially†¦show more content†¦Major life changes such as getting married and getting pregnant due to the drastic change to the daily routines and in order to overcome these changes, the individuals might need to readjust their priorities and lifestyle. Another reason why major life changes cause stress is often these changes put individuals in situations that they might have less or no control of, for example, infertility and disabilities. Another common cause of stress is looking after relatives with long-term illnesses or disabilities. This type of stress is often chronic. If the c arers provide constant high level of care, they are more likely to become ill or even disabled according to Carers UK (2012). This is because they often do not have enough rest and they may have given up their previous lifestyle to care for their relatives, therefore, they are more likely to experience stress and this may lead to depression and emotional breakdown. (AC 3) The General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) is a theory introduced by Hans Selye. There are behavioural, cognitive and physiological features in each stages of GAS. The physiological aspect of the individuals dominates the alarm stage. Due to the release of hormones such as adrenaline, they stimulate different changes in the body such as increase heart rate and blood pressure in preparation of the body to ‘fight or flight’ the situations. However, if the person cannot cope with the changes in their body, this could be fatal as it may cause shock orShow MoreRelatedThe Impact of Stress on Health Essay2044 Words   |  9 Pages   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   People seeking a higher education are under extreme stress and dont even realize it. They are dealing with the high cost of a college education and are being pressured to quickly get through college and into the workforce. Many students are working extra jobs to help pay for their tuition while still taking a full load of courses. They have their time and resources stretched so thin that they find it hard to manage college life. Many people attending college are suffering from poorRead MoreThe Impact of Mental Illnesses and Health Problems from Work-Related Stress on Employees in Office Jobs2507 Words   |  10 PagesThe Impact of Mental Illnesses and Health Problems from Work-Related Stress on Employees in Office Jobs Introduction Year after year a behavioral change began to impact her life; she became irritable, fatigued and gained almost fifty pounds. She was no longer fun to be around and isolated herself away from everyone. Her kids would ask if she was okay and knew something was wrong. The work-related stress and harassment she received from her bosses triggered symptoms of depression. The job tookRead MoreReflection Paper On Stress1134 Words   |  5 PagesStress is one of the leading causes of depression in the United States. If stress is not handled right away it can become distress. Many things in our daily life cause us to feel stressed such as work, school, or major change that took place in your life. Stress can impact your emotions, attitude, and health. In this paper, I will be addressing how stress has impacted my life, how stress effects the body, the signs of stress, and what strategies we can use to reduce stress in our lives. The stressRead MoreThe Relationship Between Stress And The Effect Of A College Student s Health1357 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract The following is an experimental proposal that exams the relationship between stress and the effect of a college student’s health. The following hypotheses for the study is that stress does affect an individual’s health. The study consisted of thirty college students (n=30) in total, fifteen of these students (participants) were assigned a control group while the remaining fifteen students were put in an experimental group. The researchers recorded the results of each college student’sRead MoreThe Effects Of Poverty On Childhood Development924 Words   |  4 Pagesthe relationship between poverty, lower socioeconomic status (SES), and childhood development. While poverty can be directly linked to negative developments in terms of health status it is also indirectly linked to other important factors such as; mental health, physiological wellbeing and education, all of which have major impacts on childhood development which can also be transferred into adulthood . This essay aims to evaluate the literature available on the effects of poverty on childhood developmentRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography on Stress1762 Words   |  7 Pagesdefinitions of stress and how to cope with it, known as stress management. Stress affects health in a number of ways. It is defined by James (2011) as pressure or tension that comes in many shapes and forms and furthermore the body and mind in particular reacts psychologically and even emotionally. How Stress Affects Health This can affect how an individual feels, think and behave. Signs and symptoms can include sleeping problems, loss of appetite and difficulty concentrating. Stress can usually causeRead MoreEvidence Based Intervention Essay826 Words   |  4 Pagesat the school, class-wide, and individual student-level, and are often either academic or behavioral in nature. Overall, implementation of both universal (i.e. class-wide) and targeted (i.e. student-level) interventions have demonstrated positive impacts on decreasing disruptive behaviors and increasing student academic achievement (Flower, McKenna, Bunuan, Muething, Vega, 2014; Vannest, Davis, Davis, Mason, Burke, 2010).Ross, Romer, and Horner (2012) also found that teachers in schools implementingRead MoreThe Social And Physical Environment Of College Students831 Words   |  4 Pagesor study abroad opportunities. However, most of these students do not considered how this radical change in their social and physical environment can mak e an impact on their mental health. According to the National Alliance on Mental Health (2012) â€Å"More than 40 percent of college students have felt more than an average amount of stress within the past 12 months.† College requires significantly more effort from students than high school. Students are expected to put on heavy class loads, have aRead MoreThe Social Determinants Of Health1623 Words   |  7 PagesStress has been identified as one of the social determinants of health. It has different meanings in various contexts, so a proper definition will give a good insight of the term.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Stress can be defined as a state of emotional or mental disturbance resulting from adverse or demanding conditions.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Stress can also be defined as a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental disturbance and could be a causal in disease formation. StressesRead MoreThe Impacts of Occupational Stress Essay946 Words   |  4 PagesOCCUPATIONAL STRESS AND ITS IMPACTS NAME INSTITUTION Introduction Work place or occupational stress refers to any form of restrain that is experienced when there is no match between job demands and the output of the worker. The article ‘Occupational stress’ aims at showing ways in which stress people get from their work place affect them and what causes the stress. This condition may encompass many conditions that include maladaptive behavior, psychological disorders

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Embezzlement, A Costly White Collar Crime Essay - 1481 Words

Embezzlement, A Costly White-Collar Crime When an employer hires a new employee, they expect that employee to perform the work that is asked of them so that they can receive a paycheck. Often, employees are promoted to positions of trust within the company. These positions enable dishonest employees to commit criminal acts against the company for their own personal gain. One of the most common crimes they commit is embezzlement. Embezzlement occurs when a person in a position of trust takes or misappropriates funds that they have been entrusted with and converts them for their own benefit. This was what happened in Dixon, Illinois in 2012 that resulted in a $53.7 million-dollar loss to the city. The comptroller at the time, Rita Crundwell, embezzled the money to fund her own horse breeding operation along with extravagant gifts for herself. Crundwell was charged in 2012 and plead guilty to wire fraud. Crundwell as sentenced to 20 years in prison for this crime. The crime of embezzlement is considered a white-collar crime as it is a nonviolent crime that is committed by a person for their own financial gain. When a person commits embezzlement, they do not physically harm another person, although they cause them to suffer some sort of financial loss due to the theft they have committed. Those that commit embezzlement are usually in the career of some sort of business and hold a position that they have access or control over some type of financials for the company or clients.Show MoreRelatedThe Crime Of White Collar Crime2571 Words   |  11 PagesCrime is such a general word, and describes a whole conundrum of activities that are seen as unlawful. The oxford dictionary defines crime as â€Å"an action of omission which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law†. There are many different types of crimes, and they are classified based on the seriousness of the crime. Minor crimes/offences, for example a traffic offence, are called misdemeanors. More serious crimes, like murder, are called felonies and are punishable by more than a year inRead MoreWhite Collar And Organized Crime Essay900 Words   |  4 PagesWhite Collar And Organized Crime In the twentieth century, White Collar and Organized Crimes have attracted the attention of the U.S. Criminal Justice System due to the greater cost to society than most normal street crime. Even with the new attention by the Criminal Justice System, both are still pretty unknown to the general public. Although we know it occurs, due to the lack of coverage and information, society does not realize the extent of these crimes or the impact. White Collar and OrganizedRead MoreCriminal Behavior And The Lack Of Education1367 Words   |  6 Pages Criminal behavior is something that affects everyone, even if you don’t particularly engage in the act itself. Every time a crime is committed, we often find ourselves wondering what led that person to do that crime. We wonder why they did it because it is something that we could never do, so therefor we cannot fathom the act of engaging in criminal activity. Some people feel that people only engage in it just because they lack the thing that they try to steal or because of their specific backgroundRead MoreHow Does the Criminal Justice System Respond to White Collar and Corporate Crime?2543 Words   |  11 PagesRESPOND TO WHITE COLLAR AND CORPORATE CRIME? White-collar crime poses a vexing problem for the criminal justice system (CJS). It is an enormously complex global issue that is growing rapidly and is a cross-border problem. White-collar crime is viewed differently in contrast to conventional crime as generally the public associate crime with street crimes such as robbery, burglary or homicide. Affluent and privileged persons who enjoy an elevated social status and who engage in crimes are rarelyRead MoreFinancial Crisis Related On The Subprime Mortgage Market And The U.s. Housing Market1713 Words   |  7 Pages b. RELIANCE Another component of fraud crimes is reliance. For the government to prevail on fraud charges, it has to establish reasonable reliance on the alleged misrepresentations or omissions. Most financial crisis related investigations focused on mortgage backed securities that banks sold consisted of subprime mortgages that are doomed to be defaulted. The misrepresentation argument goes that banks failed to disclose the low quality of the mortgages and substantial risks of default thatRead MoreOccupational Fraud : A Glance At Asset Misappropriation And Other Types Of Organisational Fraud Essay1074 Words   |  5 Pagesthe most common though least costly overall, occurring in more than 85 per cent of cases analysed for the ACFE Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse. The high occurrence of asset misappropriation within organisation highlights the need for better corporate governance systems that proficiently address this fraud issue. It could be possible that organisatio ns are lax with measures against asset misappropriation since it has been found to be the least costly of occupational frauds. HoweverRead MoreThe Problem of Computer Crime Essay2368 Words   |  10 Pagesincreased opportunities for the deviant individual than was ever thought of. Computer crime started almost 40 years ago with what was called a hacker. Since that time computer crime has been expanded to include espionage both industrial and governmental, security risks, white-collar crime to include disgruntled employees who fix a program, or delete certain files from certain programs, and from embezzlement. Due to the advance technology of computers, including advances that are old before theyRead MoreLitigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution And Criminal Laws1673 Words   |  7 Pagestype of law that monitors crime committed against the government, such as white collars crimes (embezzlement, wire fraud, cybercrime, bribery, blackmail, etc); blue collar crime (damage to properties, shoplifting, employee theft and larceny) and it pose a great injury and cost to the public at large and to the individual or company involved in the misconduct. Therefore, penalties such as punishing the offender by incarceration or imprisonment depending on the type of crime the offender commits, rehabilitatingRead MorePublic Corruption1462 Words   |  6 Pagesenforcement corruption refers to any improper attempt to sway officers of the law. Examples of corrupt behavior would include: bribery, extortion, fraud, embezzlement, nepotism, cronyism, appropriation of public assets and property for private use, and influence peddling. Corrupt behavior activities such as fraud and embezzlement can be undertaken by an official alone and without involvement of a second party. While others such as bribery, extortion and influence peddling involve two partiesRead More Self-defense in Criminal Cases Essay2630 Words   |  11 Pages Self-defense in criminal cases. One of the frustrations faced by many businesses is that after the perpetrators of crimes have been identified, the District Attorneys office will not pursue the case. One option is for victims to sue the DA in an attempt to compel him to prosecute, but this would be costly and proving dereliction of duty would be difficult. The DA is effectively immune. Other options are more promising. The law should encourage (and prosecutors offices should welcome) private

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Kate Chopin and the Awakening Free Essays

What features make The Awakening a â€Å"local color† story? The amount of detail that is spent on the area and is significant. Every time a character that is colored is introduced, limited time is spent describing the character. Local color is what defines an area, town or people. We will write a custom essay sample on Kate Chopin and the Awakening or any similar topic only for you Order Now â€Å"The Awakening† touches deeply on all of the local color of the area it is describing. What customs and beliefs of Edna Pontellier’s society are significant in relation to her psychological development? To be a good person in Edna’s society meant being a mother figure who completely surrenders her sense of self in favor of her husband and children. Edna is trying to become a human being the best way she knows how. Edna refuses to take the mother road. Instead, she seeks her humanity What attitudes and tendencies in the Creole characters does Edna have trouble adjusting to? Creole society is very open when it comes to sexuality, and Edna has trouble with that. She was not brought up in the Creole society, so she has trouble accepting it. Examples can be seen when they pass around the novel that has explicit sexual content while on vaction. It can also be seen in Robert’s behavior. He is very openly flirtatious with Edna, and he has the repuation of being a flirt in the past with other women. Why did Edna marry Leonce? Is he the model husband? She married him because she didn’t want her father to choose her husband. She wanted the freedom of being able to choose herself. â€Å"Was he the best choice? † Probably not for Edna but it was who she chose. What incidents in the novel reveal that he may not be a good husband for Edna? As a traditional Creole gentleman of the times, Leonce believes it is his duty to provide financially for the family and it is Edna’s duty to be devoted to him, their two children, and their home. When Edna suggests she is not interested in these domestic duties, Leonce is incapable of comprehending what she means. In his mind, this line of thinking is utterly ridiculous. Against that backdrop, Leonce’s inability to communicate effectively with his wife expands the problem. When Edna shares her feelings with Leonce, he dismisses them. When her behavior contradicts his expectations, he dismisses them. By dismissing Edna and her concerns and never communicating with her about them, Leonce severs any ties that exist between the two. How do Mlle. Reisz and Mme. Ratignolle function in relation to Edna and the novel’s view of women as mothers and artists? Mme. Ratignolle shows the society’s view of women as mothers. Her advice to Edna is to â€Å"remember the children. † Ratignolle is loving and nurturing, but devoid of independence or personality. Mlle. Reisz, though, is living her life as she desires, not caring what society thinks of her. She is able to be extravagant and lavish, fully embracing her artistic capabilities because she does not have other obligations. She denies society’s structure, and encourages Edna to do the same. This free lifestyle is what Edna comes to desire and seek for herself. What kind of mother is Edna? What kind of artist is she? Painting evokes the passion that Edna lacks in her life. There are suggestions that Edna’s art is somehow flawed. Madame Reisz cautions Edna about what it takes to be an artist, the â€Å"courageous soul† and the â€Å"stronged wings. † Edna also loves her children, however she would not give herself to her children but rather sacriface herself for them. She realizes that she has lives in a society filled with limitations, therefore sees her only way out by freeing herself permanently from society. How are the background characters such as the young lovers and the lady in black at the shore, significant in Edna’s story? These minor characters all serve to contrast with Edna and her struggles with her own identity and place in society. The young lovers are a stark contrast to the marriage of Edna and Leonce, at least as Edna perceives her marriage. The young lovers are described as walking shoulder to shoulder, suggesting they are equals and connected. Edna does not feel this with Leonce. The lady in black is likely an old widow who is now living out the end of her life in the expected way. She wears the color of mourning and serves as a visible picture of what the last phase of what life is like in this society. In detail, explain how the flashbacks to Edna’s past function. How does her father compare to the other men in her life? In the first one, Edna is talking to Robert and recalls a â€Å"summer day in Kentucky, of a meadow that seemed as big as the ocean. † This memory reveals to us that Edna’s interest in running away and being engulfed by something larger than itself has its manifestations in her childhood and is not something that she is just starting to consider as an unhappy wife and mother in Creole New Orleans. As the chapter progresses we learn that Edna had some â€Å"loves† in her past, but that they were more of her imagination than any possibility of reality. † With all of this flashback information, it comes as no surprise then that when Leonce woos her, even though she doesn’t love him. Leonce is everything her father isn’t, and that is part of his appeal. Edna even openly admits that the fact that Leonce is Catholic and that that would irritate her father is one of the reasons she agreed to marry him. This flashback gives us a very complete picture of Edna’s history in regards to men and establishes the foundations of her marriage to Leonce. This has a great effect on the reading of the novel. It makes Edna’s character more complex and more interesting How does the view of romantic love develop in the course of the novel? What is the doctor’s view of marriage and childbearing? The genuine affection that develops between Edna Pontellier and Robert Lebrun is a form of romantic love. They shared their thoughts on a range of subjects that might appear uninteresting to others. As their friendship grew, they become more comfortable with one another. Robert rests his head on Mrs. Pontellier because it is comfortable. His goal is not to be forward or flirtatious. Roberts’s romantic feelings for Edna increase as this intimacy grows. Robert leaves for Mexico very soon afterwards. He hopes to escape his feelings because he realizes that he has fallen in love with Edna. His love developed naturally over time. His feelings morphed from a close friendship into emotional intimacy/understanding and then into love. Can you think of an emotional attachment and/or a romantic obsession you have studied in a previous work? How does that incident or character compare with Edna’s emotional and romantic relationships? In a book i recently read, the main character’s wife has a small dilema. She loves the man she is married to but rejects him at the same time. The reason she rejects him is because she was chosen as his wife and she did not get to choose him. Its a bit more complicated than this but this is a basic summary. This compares to Edna because she doesn’t want a husband to choose her. She wants to choose the husband. She picks a man based on how he woos her nicely. This causes the ultimate problem that she ends up not loving her husband. The similarity is in the differences. Both took a different path to get to the same area. The end result was the same though. The women in the book I read, ran away. Edna committed suicide in order to run away. What are the main images and symbols in the novel? One of the main themes is the Sea. At the very end of the novel, Edna drowns herself. The irony of the scene is that Edna has learned how to swim, so here she is certainly exhibiting an act of agency by swimming far out into the water that used to scare her. Now, she is not scared and as she swims she recalls all the troubles and misunderstandings of her life. Her drowning symbolically represents her freeing herself from what she felt was a life of restriction. Here in the water, she experiences that which her life did not allow. The novel starts with the symbol of a caged bird, and references birds in several other chapters as well. The caged bird is a clear symbol for Edna as she feels caged in her roles of wife and mother and in the expectations that the Creole society has imposed on her. Later in the novel Reisz questions whether Edna has strong enough wings to fly above the social conventions of the time to be truly free of the rules and norms of the day. In the end, Edna sees a bird with a broken wing, just as she is not strong enough (or willing enough) to struggle on this society. Why does Edna get involved with Alcee Arobin? Alcee Arobin follows Edna around and spends a great deal of time with her while Mr. Pontellier is not home. At first it is just friendship, Edna takes no real interest in Alcee because her love lies with Robert. She has secretly always hoped for Robert, but Alcee is conveniently there. Sick of her old life, Edna simply takes up Alcee as a lover for the companionship. In a sense, she lives out her relationship-fantasy of Robert with Alcee. Why do you suppose critics were outraged at this novel in 1899, saying it committed â€Å"unutterable crimes against polite society† and should be labeled â€Å"poison† to protect â€Å"moral babes†? The story showed a women reaching the ultimate low because of rules society layed out. She killed herself because she felt that everything constricted her too much. I think that the reason they called it so horrible is because it showed the darker side to the norms of society. It also showed how oppressed women really were. What is your reaction to the end of the novel? Do you agree or disagree with the reasons for Edna’s final action? I agree with her final action because I think too much damage had already been done. If she had gone back and told her husband she wanted a divorce, I think he would of brushed it away. She had a person who would of loved her and treated her like an equal. He saw that he had fallen in love with her and left to Mexico. The best oppertunity for her to get what she needed stepped out the door right then. The story also hints that she has always run away from her problems and not looked at them straight on. This means that all her problems have been building up over her life. I don’t think that amount of damage is reversable. How to cite Kate Chopin and the Awakening, Papers