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Jewish Holy Days Essay Example for Free

Jewish Holy Days Essay Roy Rehberg Jewish Holy Days Paper Many different religions celebrate holidays of all kinds. Throughout history, each religion has developed their own traditions. These traditions are important as they have been traced back through our ancestors and provide a valuable lesson on how important traditions are. Judaism is no different. Although Judaism was the base of Christianity, the traditions are very different. Those of Jewish faith celebrate three major holy days in succession; Rosh Hashanah, ten days later is Yom Kippur, and finally five days after that is Sukkot. Time of the Year of Holy Day It all starts in the fall with the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. Following that is the most sacred day of the year, Yom Kippur. Although these days are now celebrated on specific days, it was not always like that. They used to just base it off of the harvest season. Yom Kippur is referred to as the Day of Atonement, which means to make up for faults. It is during this time that the Jewish people stick to a strict regime of prayer and fasting. Occurring in late autumn is Sukkot, which marks the end of the wandering period by the Jewish after their departure from Egypt. Altogether, this whole period in time is called the Days of Awe because of the effect it has on the people (Molloy, 2010). Historical Origin of Holy Day In order to fully understand Sukkot, we must first go back in the Bible to Exodus, more specifically the book of Numbers. In the book of Numbers, we are told of the Israelites being led out of Egypt by Moses. They were led out because 400 years before that, they had been made slaves. Moses led the Israelites to Mount Sinai where God handed down to him the Ten Commandments. After this they made their way to the Promise Land. Once they found the Promise Land, God told them they could enter; however, no one trusted God enough to go in. As part of a punishment for not having faith in God, they were forced to wonder for forty years. Sukkot commemorates the end of the Jewish wandering by giving thanks for a plentiful harvest. It is now one of three pilgrimage festivals that those of Jewish faith celebrate. Religious Practices Associated with the Days In the Torah, it states that on this holiday we should â€Å"live in booths seven days†¦in order that future generations may know that I made the Israelite people live in booths when I brought them out of the land of Egypt, I am the Lord your God† (Lev. 23:42-43) (History Of Sukkot, n. d. ). Sukkot means â€Å"booth† and refers to what the Jewish people were required to live in during this time. These booths must have 3 walls and be covered with some kind of material that will not allow for the building to be easily knocked down. In order for the roof to fulfill the commandment, the roof needs to be made of a material from the earth, has to be something that allows for rain to enter and the stars to be seen (Jewish Virtual Library, 2014). Theological or Cultural Differences Throughout all the different religions, people have made small changes or adjusted things to better fit their lives. For example, Christmas is a Christian holiday, but the way every family celebrates it may vary quite a bit. Theologically speaking, there is a definite difference between Orthodox Jews and Liberal Jews. Orthodox Jews believe in complete acceptance of the Torah, whereas liberal Jews believe that Torah laws are more lenient or adapt to the modern world. The cultural difference will not be as significant when it comes to Jews in different countries. For example, one difference would be the food served on Holy Days. Conclusion Sukkot is a very important holy day to those who are practicing Jews. The booths they build during this time are also significant to this day because they are a symbol of a more humbling time. Not only does Sukkot remind the Jews about bountiful harvests, but it is also a reminder of the faith they should have had in God at the promise land. Traditions such as these are handed down through ancestors and are an important part of our heritage and religious beliefs. References History of Sukkot. (n. d. ). Retrieved from

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Detecting the Functional Gastrointestinal Disorder based on Wavelet Tra

In recent years, researchers have developed powerful wavelet techniques for the multi-scale representation and analysis of signals [1][2][3][4][5]. Wavelets localize the information in the time-frequency plane[6]. One of the areas where these properties have been applied is diagnosis. Due to the wide variety of signals and problems encountered in biomedical engineering, there are various applications of wavelet transform [7][8][9][10]. Like in the heart, there exists a rhythmic electrical oscillation in the stomach. With the accomplishment of the whole digestive process of the stomach, from mixing, stirring, and agitating, to propelling and emptying, a spatiotemporal pattern is formed [11]. The stomach has a complex physiology, where physical, biological and psychological parameters take part in, becoming difficult to understand its behavior and function. It is presented the initial concepts of a mechanical prototype of the stomach, it uses to describe mechanical functions of storing, mixing and food emptying [12][13]. The nature of gastric electrical activity in health and disease is fairly well understood. In man, it consists of recurrent regular depolarization (slow waves or electrical control activity-ECA) at 2.5 to 4 cycles per minute, and intermittent high-frequency oscillations (spikes or electrical response activity-ERA) that appear only in association with contractions. The oscillations commence at a pacemaker site high up in the corpus and propagate to terminate at the distal antrum. The velocity of propagation and the signal amplitude increase as the pylorus is approached. ECA are the ultimate determinant of the frequency and direction of propagation of phasic contractions, which are responsible for mixing and transp... from their wavelet coefficients, before they are applied to a static neural network for further classification. The design of neural network is simple because only interesting features of GEA types are presented. The experimental results show that it’s possible to classify GEA types by using this simple neural network architecture. We present the results from a network which is trained on sample types. The approach of classifying the output of a feature detector offers greater computational efficiency and accuracy than that of attempting to use a neural network directly upon a GEA signal, and yet preserves the ability to train and flexibility of a neural network. Section 3 of this paper describes the architecture of a network to classify the GEA types for detecting abnormalities. Experimental results of training and testing a network are presented in section 6.

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Fiction coursework final draft Mollie Coucill

The moon shone hauntingly over the harsh pine trees protruding from the stiff ground like a stake from the heart of a vampire. New layers of snow fell on the cold, hard ground of the forest, covering prints that had been created there earlier that day. In the centre of Newgrove Forest a river ran fiercely and deeply, splitting the fearsome forest in half. Beyond the eastern section of the river stood a great manor-house, some what out of place in the eighteenth century Albanian woodland surrounding it. The house was humongous and daunting, a charcoal-burned monstrosity towering over its extensive graveyard, with hundreds of memorials and tombstones protruding from the ground at various angles. Of all the various windows lining the stone walls of the house, only one was lit; and through it was a collection of the most curious and fearsome creatures that human eyes had ever witnessed. There were twelve gathered in that room – eleven of them daemons clothed in nothing but their thick skin and lusting for flesh. Every one of the monstrous beasts was different from the next, with various differing characteristics; some bore horns and piercing crimson skin, others with a mucus colouring, and several limbs more than was normal. These eleven were gathered around a twelfth, who was clothed in hooded grey robes. Seemingly human, the twelfth member of this estranged committee appeared to be preaching to the impatient creatures around him. â€Å"Daemons of the vortex, too long have you been imprisoned within these walls! Too long have you been prevented from wreaking havoc in this world of man! And too long you have had to wait in dear anticipation for your next kill.† The man spoke in a harsh rasping voice that echoed throughout the room. â€Å"There is one who can help you; one whose death would bring forth the dawn of the new age- the age of the daemon.† The surrounding daemons began to holler and scream in excitement: they knew that this man was talking of freeing them from the house forever. â€Å"Who is this man?† asked a repulsive purple daemon, who seemed to be the leader of the daemons present. â€Å"Why, the only offspring of the long-dead monarchy of Albania,† commented the hooded figure, smugly. â€Å"Impossible!† muttered the head-daemon. â€Å"We wiped out those scum long before we were imprisoned here! You had better not lie to me, Broc!† â€Å"Well you missed one – didn't you?† replied the man called Broc, now starting to become impatient. â€Å"All I know is that there is a boy, close to seventeen years of age, who has been branded. I saw him with my very eyes.† â€Å"Why haven't I been informed of this?† screamed the head-daemon. â€Å"The Remok- they tracked down my enemies sixteen years ago! How could they have missed a child? I will see the end of this. Bring them forth! They will bring the boy.† â€Å"No! I mean†¦ I will see to it that the boy is brought here as soon as possible.† Broc, for the first time, showed a hint of fear; the Remok were not to be messed with. â€Å"Very well – I expect him by full moon. Three days Broc.† Replied the daemon. This marked the end of the conference, and he and his minions left, allowing Broc to show himself out. Meanwhile, beyond the western side of the river, perhaps twenty miles away from the water lay a small village within a clearing, consisting of twenty sawdust huts, held together with mud. In a hut much like any other slept a teenage boy on a mattress made of straw. Visible on the boy's left wrist was a black tattoo- resembling an eye, impaled upon a spear. The detailing of the tattoo showed that the artist must have been of a superb standard. For now, the boy slept on. Later, when the sun was at its prime, the boy's eyes shot open. The light was slicing through holes in the thick fibres of the wall. He screwed up his eyes, stood from his bed, and stepped from the hut. Today marked an important occasion for the boy, as it was his seventeenth birthday. He was now permitted to leave the village to search for a livelihood for himself. However, the boy had already vowed that he would leave- not to find a job- but to find his family. When he was a month or so old, the boy had been found outside the hut of the local healer, Theo, who raised the boy and called him Yan. For the next seventeen years Theo brought up Yan as his own son. He was honest with the boy; letting him know of his mysterious heritage, but Yan had always been curious, and there was no stopping him leaving the village. Now that day had arrived, Yan could not leave soon enough. When Yan had collected his belongings and retrieved his mule from the village stables, he set off on his journey, which would take him through the woods, and ultimately to the river-city of Hoelra – the city of the water. Yan travelled for three solid hours through the dense cluster of trees that had formed between his village and the river before reaching the town of Glaera, where he would stop for the night. Yan wandered through the town increasingly warily- there were dead and dying people cluttering the streets of the town, many of the dead had weeping relatives draped over their lifeless corpses. Something had happened there the previous night. Yan lowered himself from his mule as a woman collapsed at his feet, howling with pain and despair. Yan put a hand forward to lift her face and quickly recoiled. Where the left side of her face would have been, was a great bloody hole, with various brains dripping from it

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The Power Of God By Minnie And Juliet - 1713 Words

Her hard working frame would continue to serve her throughout her days. She was married to the love of her life, but he was not as lovely to her. He was hostage to the bondages of generational curses and spent most of his money on alcohol and women. Cassandra’s father would walk in his father’s steps who walked in his father’s steps. The power of God was so evident in Minnie’s life that her husband was afraid of her. According to her daughter, Hamp raised his hand one time to hit her in a drunken stupor. The Pearl retaliated by picking up a logging chain weighing in as much as she did and hurled it at her husband. He could have snapped her like a twig, but he was afraid she would scalp him in his sleep. It was the only time he†¦show more content†¦He could not deny the truth which caused my grandmother to never ask God again where her husband was spending his time or money. This information would never come from the lips of Cass’s grandmother since it was one of the most difficult truths to disclose, but God character shines bright like a diamond in the life of her Granny as she deals with a disrespectful spouse. To make matters worse, her grandfather sires another child outside the bonds of matrimony. Minnie Pearl knew about the daughter and would have raised her with the same amount of love she gave to her own children. She had biblical justification to put him away, but she chose to love him in spite of his many failures. Her love was unconditional and her commitment to love him for better or worse was proven with each opportunity she took to make a better life for herself and her children. She was not a passive aggressive woman, a rebel, or a mean spirited individual. She was a Hosea and learned the meaning of the word love as she lived and died by its true giver. As a young mother, she knew the pain of losing a child. She and Hamp buried four of their babies. She would outlive a couple of her adult children, forcing her to feel even more pain and heartbreak without her husband at her side to comfort and console her. She told Cass how unnatural it was to live longer than your offspring and began to cry as she watched the undertaker lowerShow MoreRelatedNoughts and Crosses14387 Words   |  58 Pagesparents talking of divorce. She decides not to invite Callum to her party. Callum’s sister Lynette expresses extreme pessimism when she talks with him, but he does not want to accept her view of life. Meanwhile, Sephy gains some comfort from her sister, Minnie, who is more worldly wise than the naà ¯ve Sephy. Chapters 34–42 Callum tries to defend himself when he gains low marks for his work with Mr Jason. Callum reveals that he knows Jason is half-nought, and Jason is furious. At home, Jude’s anger