Monday, January 6, 2020

The Power Of God By Minnie And Juliet - 1713 Words

Her hard working frame would continue to serve her throughout her days. She was married to the love of her life, but he was not as lovely to her. He was hostage to the bondages of generational curses and spent most of his money on alcohol and women. Cassandra’s father would walk in his father’s steps who walked in his father’s steps. The power of God was so evident in Minnie’s life that her husband was afraid of her. According to her daughter, Hamp raised his hand one time to hit her in a drunken stupor. The Pearl retaliated by picking up a logging chain weighing in as much as she did and hurled it at her husband. He could have snapped her like a twig, but he was afraid she would scalp him in his sleep. It was the only time he†¦show more content†¦He could not deny the truth which caused my grandmother to never ask God again where her husband was spending his time or money. This information would never come from the lips of Cass’s grandmother since it was one of the most difficult truths to disclose, but God character shines bright like a diamond in the life of her Granny as she deals with a disrespectful spouse. To make matters worse, her grandfather sires another child outside the bonds of matrimony. Minnie Pearl knew about the daughter and would have raised her with the same amount of love she gave to her own children. She had biblical justification to put him away, but she chose to love him in spite of his many failures. Her love was unconditional and her commitment to love him for better or worse was proven with each opportunity she took to make a better life for herself and her children. She was not a passive aggressive woman, a rebel, or a mean spirited individual. She was a Hosea and learned the meaning of the word love as she lived and died by its true giver. As a young mother, she knew the pain of losing a child. She and Hamp buried four of their babies. She would outlive a couple of her adult children, forcing her to feel even more pain and heartbreak without her husband at her side to comfort and console her. She told Cass how unnatural it was to live longer than your offspring and began to cry as she watched the undertaker lowerShow MoreRelatedNoughts and Crosses14387 Words   |  58 Pagesparents talking of divorce. She decides not to invite Callum to her party. Callum’s sister Lynette expresses extreme pessimism when she talks with him, but he does not want to accept her view of life. Meanwhile, Sephy gains some comfort from her sister, Minnie, who is more worldly wise than the naà ¯ve Sephy. Chapters 34–42 Callum tries to defend himself when he gains low marks for his work with Mr Jason. Callum reveals that he knows Jason is half-nought, and Jason is furious. At home, Jude’s anger

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